The interesting thing about change is that sometimes it slaps us right across the face and other times only time tells. For me, change is key to the core of my being. Ever since I was 12 I moved every three years. I lived all over California, and then there was the big move to Arkansas. Last year I was in Washington DC and this year I am in the beautiful state of Virginia. I have met lots of amazing people and been exposed to different cultures. Because the scenery changed so often for me, at times it was easy to drop every thing and move on to the next thing other times I was in situations in which I became attached, loved where I was at and didn’t want to leave. I can say from all those times, I took it upon myself to make change a positive thing and make it a growing stage in my life. As I previously mentioned, last year I was in DC and today I am sitting here in Virginia. The cool thing about it is that I’m not to far from the place I once considered home. You may think why is this post is called good MOURNING? Well I think its about time I give myself the opportunity to make peace with my past, to allow the feelings of anger, love, sadness, happiness, joy, sorrow, misery, pain, euphoria, bliss and ecstasy be expressed whether on the inside or the out.

Many times have I had good byes, from co-workers who became friends to my church community, to the people I met on my mission trips, my homeless friends of DC and even to my family. All these emotions that at those points in my life maybe I was not able to recognize, today I want to mourn. A few weeks ago I visited DC and got to visit with old friends. I got to relive some of the experiences I had while I lived there and OH boy It was so good to be back! I was scared though. I did not want to go back, I did not want to face the harsh reality that things changed whether I wanted them to or not. Good mourning I say to you because I have made my peace with yesterday. Things change but at the end of the day I know that God has the bigger picture and I am not one to control what he has in store for me, I can only trust that his light will shine over and protect me.




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