The title can be taken pretty much literally. 🙂IMG-20160414-WA0000

Back on My Feet Team

I RAN A MARATHON! 26.2 MILES! It is possible! It is Now not beyond my imagination to run a marathon because I actually did it. It was quite the experience. It was 3 months of training with my Back on My feet family. I pushed through the long trainings with one of my feet in pain and it payed of in the end. The most amazing thing about this experience was that my mind  managed to motivate my body to keep on going. I ran, stopping only once and I cant wrap my head around that. If I can do this, I know I can do whatever I want, thats the power of the mind! You can do it to!


Running for fun is not the only way I spend my days in DC, being part of Capitol Hill Group Ministry I do a lot of biking and walking the city.

My commute to work is 12-14 miles round trip on bike. As a member of the Street Outreach team my days consist of walking from the office to Union Station and Eastern Market. To give you a sense of distance Union Station is about a mile away and Eastern Market is about 1/4 mile away. Depending on the people I am to meet during the day I may have to make multiple trips during the day. On some days I have to accompany my clients to dr. appointments, social security office, dmv office, or vital records. Regardless of all the physical activity I have to do, I am happy to say I wake up looking forward to my day. At the end of the day I am happily tired knowing it was productive and I make my friends smile. Just look at the smiles.  IMG_20160331_114120

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