“We keep bumping into each other and laughing.” -Hafiz

When I first heard this poem, I started laughing because, it is very true in my life that God and I keep bumping into each other. There has been days in the last month where I did not want to “see” God or where I was “ignoring” Him. In the midst of chaotic, stressful, busy, unplanned days, He was there to remind me, “Hey, Here I am.” All I could do when I recognized, “He was bumping into me,” was laugh and be grateful.  The days I did not want to see God were the days I say I was more blessed than any other.

Why was I more blessed? Well, for example, one day at work, the day did not go the way I though it was supposed to. I went with one of my clients to a doctors appointment. (This was not on my calendar). He asked me to go and I couldn’t say no because I am one to help in any way I can. So, unexpected events go against me controlling my life, emotional imbalance, etc. but there is no greater feeling than building a stronger relationship with my client. Another example was being caught up in my own world. Simply walking out of the office, I check my email- even though I’m off the clock- and by looking at my phone I missed what was around me. Not until a buddy from the neighborhood yells out my name to say hi and asks how I am doing, do I realize I am not paying attention to the blessings that I am surrounded by. There is a joy in hearing one of my buddies say, “My friend, how are you?” Or even on the bus stop talking to the person standing next to me, will one of them start a conversation about the weather and eventually turn to a conversation about God.

So, again, “God and I have become like two giant fat people living in a tiny boat. We keep bumping into each other and laughing.” -Hafiz

There is so much wisdom to learn from this simple poem but there is even more in learning how to appreciate the daily blessings God puts upon our paths.

God bless you friends and family. 🙂




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