The longest night of the year…

I spent a night in the streets…slept in the cold…slept on a wet floor…only had a wool blanket and my backpack to protect me from the cold…but I experienced it inside a tent and with a heater blowing half of the night…this was the longest night of the year. The longest night of the year, where there are many families and single individuals experiencing homelessness in D.C. I thought, “I shouldn’t be complaining because, ‘I had it good’ being inside a tent and with a heater blowing” but, I was wrong.

I DO need to complain. I need to express that NO ONE should be sleeping in the streets. NO ONE deserves to be ignored. EVERY ONE should be acknowledged. EVERY ONE deserves a proper memorial and to be remembered by their name. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO HOUSING, HOUSING IS HEALTHCARE. I am complaining about D.C’s lack of affordable housing. I am complaining about the notion of “NOT IN MY BACKYARD.” I am complaining about people sleeping in the streets. I AM ANGRY AT SOCIAL INJUSTICES ALL OVER THE WORLD.

A new year begins, so what, if we don’t do something EVERY DAY to make social injustices less prominent is it really a “new” year?

My birthday wishes are to see world injustices less prominent, to put an end to homelessness in D.C and all over the country, to have world peace, and above all forgiveness and grace.

Thank you for your support, God bless you. 🙂


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