Client interactions vary on a daily basis, there are clients who appreciate conversation and others who mind their own business. Most of the interactions with clients are at the Capitol Hill United Methodist Church Morning Breakfast or at the Church of the Bretheren Lunch. When I help serve breakfast or hand out resources, all of our clients are very appreciative of the service the volunteers and I are able to give. There is a particular guy who always says, “I appreciate the services that you give and the work that you do to help us out.”
I find myself asking, who needs who? Every time I hear him say that, I consider the example he sets to me. The act of service to others is part of who I am but, is the act of service merely an act of egocentrism. Those who know me, know that it is not an act of egocentrism, my sincere willingness to serve and see others happy is part of who I am. However, hearing someone else tell me they are grateful for what I do triggers my mind into thinking maybe I am the one that needs them. I am the one who needs to learn from them. I am the one who complains about life  and look at them, the homeless, they have close to nothing and continue to be grateful. So, in the end who needs who?


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