Everyone I meet in some way shape or form has impacted my life in a positive or negative way. Because I am who I am, I like to make people think, I like to help them truly reflect on what they have said or had to say. Something as simple as, “How are you?” and “Who are you?”

I would like to focus on the second question… After taking a class in Buddhism and Hinduism, I learned about attachment to the material world  and limits/boundaries from an Eastern form of thought. The answer to this question, “Who are you?” is no longer just a name, the answer is deeper. A name limits ones ability to fully grasp an identity. I am not just Lynette, I am more than my name. There is a deeper connection to the world that I have than simply my name.

Now, there are homeless who their name is all they have in this life. Some do not share their name for fear of getting their identity stolen and others value it so much they do not want it to be forgotten. It is interesting to approach this question with two totally different perspectives. One view, views names as a limit and the other values name more than anything. This perplexing question, “Who are you?” “Who am I?” continues to puzzle me.

Other than the thought I’ve shared, I love the service I provide, I love waking up with high hopes of touching someones life by simply listening to their stories.

Have a blessed day!


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