I find myself torn between two worlds. A division within society, the “normal” and the “marginalized.” I’ve been told to not attract to much attention to myself for my safety, literally “take that smile of you face,” while walking down the streets or just out and about especially in the “bad” parts of the neighborhood I live in.  Because I have been told not to attract to much attention, I feel like I miss a part of me. Is safety more important than “turning off” that aspect of me? I can’t go around smiling at everyone telling people “good morning, have a nice day” or if I do I get looked at funny. Why are some people so serious?

Then there is my job, where it is essential to have a smile on my face and be engaging in conversation with the people. One of my clients said today, “at least you have a smile on your face.” Its heart warming to see him smiling by my simple gesture even though he is going through rough times.

Between these two worlds I find myself wondering, questioning, exploring, embracing and trying to understand the differences within each one of us as human beings. In the end regardless of our differences a smile to anyone is worth a try.
Changing the world one step at a time.
Thank you for your continuous support and prayers.

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